Incident impacting MONTREAL DATA CENTRE

We can confirm that the chesna cluster is back online & sites are loading without issue. The electrical equipment was replaced quickly by the data centre team.

Status changed to
Fully Operational

Equipment replaced, servers are coming back online.

Status changed to
Degraded Performance

This isn't a network issue. It's an issue with the power connections to the rack that contains this cluster. Our data centre is aware & working in replacing the electrical equipment. We don't have an eta at this time. Here is the link to the issue within the data centre - http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=39180

Status remaining
Major Outage

We're investigating a possible network issue on the chesna.wpcloud cluster. This appears to be impacting a small number of sites on that cluster. Updates here once we have more details.

Status changed to
Major Outage
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